Mengejar Surga

Mengejar Surga

Genre : Drama, Romance

Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Year : 2022

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Drama, Romance

Bahasa Indonesia


Just before Atikah was born, her father, Hendrik, abruptly left and vanished. Atikah, who was raised by her mother, has been asking Ratih about her father’s whereabouts ever since, but Ratih continues to withhold the details of what happened. Up until the day Ratih finally divulges Hendrik’s whereabouts after he vanished more than 20 years ago, telling Atikah to find her father to bless her solemnization as “Wali Nikah.” 

Atikah travels to Holland on her own mission to look for her father, accompanied by her fiancé Iqbal and her best friend Fatma. When Atikah eventually locates Hendrik, he rejects to perform Atikah’s marriage blessing in Indonesia. Hendrik is reluctant for his own reasons.


Release Date29th Sep 2022
DirectorBambang Drias
Main CastJessica Mila, Al Ghazali, Kimberly Ryder