Genre : Drama

Language : Indonesian

Year : 2019

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Melody moves to another school trying to avoid problems. She has a bad past with David, her ex-lover. But in the new school, the problem re-emerges when Melody meets Dylan, a guy famous for being cool, likely to make trouble but still an idol because of his handsomeness. Rumors about Dylan are common knowledge. 

Melody and Dylan find no point in their love relationship, so they agree to sever their relationship. Melody just realizes that her love for Dylan is so great. But it’s too late. Dylan is sent by his father to study abroad. Melody sadly lets him go, but he leaves her a romantic video in which he reveals all of his mind; his honesty gives her new hope.

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Release Date4th April 2019
DistributorMD Entertainment
DirectorFajar Nugros
Main CastAisyah Aqilah, Devano Danendra, Yasmin Napper
Supporting CastZoe Abbas Jackson, Pangeran Lantang, Bagus Jordy Rizkyandra, Angga Yunanda