Mechamato Movie

Mechamato Movie

Genre : Animation, Superhero

Language : Bahasa Melayu

Year : 2022

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Animation, Superhero

Bahasa Melayu


After a mysterious spaceship crash landed on Earth, a boy named Amato came across a powerful robot named MechaBot. By outsmarting MechaBot and becoming its master, Amato can now utilize MechaBot’s unique ability to Mechanize everyday objects into high-tech devices. Unknown to him, MechaBot is being hunted by a cybernetic alien called Grakakus who will do whatever it takes to acquire MechaBot for his own evil plans.


Release Date8th Dec 2022
SubtitleChinese, English
DistributorAstro Shaw
DirectorNizam Razak
Main CastArmand Ezra, Adzlan Nazir, Ielham Iskandar, Marissa Balqis