Kuntilanak 3

Kuntilanak 3

Genre : Horror

Language : Indonesia

Year : 2022

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The kuntilanak curse continues as Samantha struggles to find meaning behind her strange powers. We join the story when a group of youngsters, Darwin (Mandala Shoji), Asti (Imelda Therinne), Herman (Reza Pahlevi) and Petra (Laura Antonietta) travel all the way to Ujung Sedo in their mission to track lost friends Stella (Laudya Cynthya Bella) and her fiancé. En route, they meet the cursed Samantha (Julie Estelle) and together they confront an evil shaman with bad intentions. With the help of a little girl named Yenny (Cyndi Valerie), they battle to the bitter end.


Release Date30th Apr 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Malay
DirectorRizal Mantovani
Main CastNafa Urbach, Wafda Saifan, Nena Rosier, Sara Wijayanto
Supporting CastIrish Hutasoit, Nicole Rossi, Andryan Bima, Ali Fikry, Adlu Fahrezy, Ciara Brosnan, Farras Fatik, Romaria