Genre : Horror

Language : Malay

Year : 2012

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In 1900, Habib has been accused of harming Mustika’s honor. Habib has been beaten by the villagers, lead by Jabar, Mustika’s brother. Habib is not ordinary person, is keep being beaten and the cloth covering his face all this while has been pulled. Then terrible event occurred where all the villagers died from the bright light beamed from Habib’s face. 

Recent time, the life of 2 brothers, Nazmir and Nasti are being haunted with creepy incidents starting with the missing of the baby in Syazura’s womb. She’s Nazmir’s wife. Since then, one after another is being hit by unthinkable incidents. Syazura’s eagerness to go back to her husband’s village made things more complicated. Actually that village was there where Habib lived before. The 2 brothers found Habib’s stick and were fighting to get the power. Nasti actually has been practicing black magic. They finally try to kill each other and died tragically.

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Release Date12nd January 2012
DistributorMetrowealth Pictures Sdn. Bhd
DirectorAzhari Mohd Zain
Main CastDiana Amir, Hairul Azreen, Puteri Mardiana
Supporting CastRabecca Nur, Mon Ryanti, Zul Suphian, Adey Syafrien