Kedai Antik Wak Jambi

Kedai Antik Wak Jambi

Genre : Comedy

Language : Malay

Year : 2022

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It tells about an antique shop located in a small town owned by Wak Jambi. Story has it that four men used a bowl from Wak Jambi shop to worship unseen things. A woman enters Wak Jambi store and decided to buy a stopwatch. She robs a bank and stops the time and freeze the employees. She ends up lives alone in nature and beings forever. One day, Wak Jambi encounters a homeless man called Along and gives him a magical blanket magical. That night Along dreams of being a spy.


Release Date26 March 2022
SubtitleBahasa Melayu, English
DistributorK Titanium Pictures
DirectorDato Zul M. Osman
Main CastAlong Cham, Wahid Senario
Supporting CastKenji Sawahi, Mat London, Wafariena Roslan