Jailangkung Sandekala

Jailangkung Sandekala

Genre : Horror

Language : Indonesian

Year : 2022

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This local Tamil feature film tells the story of a female police officer’s heroic efforts to destroy a syndicate involved in drug trafficking to teenagers, especially college and school students. The police found that distribution activities in the city are rampant and police records show that the number of drug-related deaths is increasing among college and school students. Intelligence and police analysis clearly show that all these criminal activities were carried out by one individual assisted by his accomplices.


Release Date3rd Nov 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Chinese
DistributorAntenna Entertainment
DirectorKimo Stamboel
Main CastTiti Kamal, Dwi Sasono, Syifa Hadju, Dwi Sasono, Muzakki Ramdhan