Into The Void

Into The Void

Genre : Action, Mystery

Language : English

Year : 2020

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Action, Mystery



An apocalypse survivor defies the colony to seek help for a sick ex-lover, encountering an outside world of desperate humans and ravenous zombies while being forced to confront a past that haunts him.

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Release Date26th March 2020
DistributorIndie Rights
DirectorJordan Cantello
Main CastIoan Sebastian Tirlui, Molly Dyson, Bill McNaughton, Cory Hawkes, Keegan Meyer, A.J. Birtwistle, Aleksandra Koel, Linley Subryan,
Supporting CastVaughan Winmill, Grant Vlahovic, Reg Rozee, Niko Kanaris, Petar Gatsby, Christina Lewall, Greg Russell Tiderington, Inca Scott, Victoria Ahern, Katherine Alpen