Hello! Tapir

Hello! Tapir

Genre : Drama, Fantasy

Language : Chinese

Year : 2022

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Drama, Fantasy



Every night “it” sneaks into the village to eat everyone’s nightmares… “In the depths of the forest lived a mythical beast with a body like a pig, a trunk like an elephant, ears like a horse, and feet like a rhinoceros. Every night, when people were asleep, it would sneak into the village to eat everyone’s nightmares!”

The father of Ah Keat, a fishing village child, told Ah Keat the story of encountering a mythical beast in the forest when he was a child. Ah Keat always believed in what his father said, and looked forward to seeing this father with his own eyes one day. Beasts seen. One day, Ah Keat’s father died in a shipwreck. At the age of 8, Ah Keat wanted to find the legendary beast that can eat nightmares and help him eat the nightmare of his father’s death.


Release Date21st Apr 202
SubtitleChinese, English
DistributorMM2 Entertainment
DirectorKethsvin Chee
Main CastCharlie Young, Run-yin Bai
Supporting CastLee-zen Lee,Hsueh-Feng Lu