Haunted Tales

Haunted Tales

Genre : Horror

Language : Thai

Year : 2022

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1st Story, Haunted Car In the middle of one night, “Peera” a businessman with obscure pasts, takes his ride home in a taxi. On the way, he notices that unfamiliar routes are taken. The driver talks strangely about those dark secrets the passenger keeps hidden. 2nd Story, Reborn “Tiva” a beautiful woman with the sixth sense, is hired by a hotel manager to help spirits in a haunted room pass away in peace. She witnesses horrible history of murder which had happened in that room. 3rd Story, The Book of truth “Jeth” a horror writer, books a stay in a rental house, which has been told that it gives ideas to its guests. During his stay, he finds The Book of Truth which makes everything written on it comes true.


Release Date10th March 2022
DirectorSuphakorn Riansuwan
CastThaneth Warakurna Kroh, Kannarun Wongkajornklai, Prin Suparat