Hantu Kapcai

Hantu Kapcai

Genre : Horror Comedy

Language : Malay

Year : 2012

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Horror Comedy



In an attempt to repay his debt to a loan shark, Ajib, a whiz on wheels, agrees to participate in a “winner-take-all” illegal bike race against his rival, Tiger. Unbeknownst to him, foul play was on the cards … and the race ends in a fatal accident… and his own tragic death. Unaware of what has happened, Ajib wakes up from what he assumes was sleep, only to see his own corpse in the living room circled by friends and family reciting prayers for him. He soon realizes that he is trapped between the two realms when no one appears to be able to see him… with the exception of Ibrahim, an aspiring religious scholar.

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AchievementsBest Film, Best Action Film, Best Comedy Film, Best Hero & Best New Heroin at Anugerah Blokbuster 2013
StudioShowbiz Productions
DistributorUnited Studios
Executive ProducerNorman Abdul Halim, Archie Nasution
ProducerJaja Nadzir
DirectorGhaz Abu Bakar
ScriptwriterGhaz Abu Bakar
Main CastZizan Razak, Remy Ishak, Fizz Fairuz, Neelofa, Hairul Azreen, Dian P Ramlee
Supporting CastZaid Zahari, Kin Wah Chew, Sabri Yunus, Riz Amin