Genre : Romance, Drama

Language : Chinese

Year : 2022

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Romance, Drama



Croc`s misjudged sense of loyalty led him astray and he ended up in jail at the mere age of 17. Now out on parole, Croc seeks his brotherly figure, Chief Liu (played Kang Sheng Lee), for help. Eventually, Croc gets a job with Zhi Ping Chen (played by Sinje Lee), a young and headstrong farmer demanding answers for the water blockage issues at her farm. It turns out Zhi Ping Chen is the only farmer in the entire neighbourhood who refuses to allow her land to get expropriated. This has given her many problems. With no one else to turn to, she finds support in Croc – a youngster trying to reintegrate into society. Through their constant bickering and conflicts, they soon find trust and solace in each other`s presence. However, it appears that Chief Liu is involved in the water blockage issues.


Release Date17th Feb 2022
SubtitleChinese, English
DistributorMM2 Entertainment
DirectorChen Ta-Pu
Main CastKo Kai, Angelica Lee
Supporting CastLee Kang Sheng