Go Away Mr. Tumor

Go Away Mr. Tumor

Genre : Comedy / Romance

Language : Thai

Year : 2022

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Comedy / Romance



Pakkad works as a graphic designer and has great friends but life throws a curve when she suddenly quits her job, finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and to top it all off, is given a diagnosis that she has cancer. With her quirky friends and family by her side, she is determined to fight the cancer and in the meantime, she has a big crush on the stern-face doctor with a gloomy past, Dr Kawin. Filled with optimism, Pakkad is determined to spread her positive energy around, as well as her love to the hardest one to crack the one and only Dr Kawin.


Release Date24th Feb 2022
SubtitleChinese, English
DistributorMM2 Entertainment
DirectorSomkait Vituranich
Main CastMin Pechaya, Wattanamontree
Supporting CastAnanda Everingham, Boy Pisanu, Meko Chonikarn, Typhoon KPN, Jeab Lalana, Zani