Genre : Horror

Language : Tamil

Year : 2022

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Durga Venugopal [Ramya Nambesan], a dynamic on-field journalist in a leading English network has been working on the infamous Covelone estates case, the estate was rumored to be haunted after its owner died mysteriously. When her boss asks her to immediately wrap up the investigation and return, Durga is taken aback. She decides to enter the estate by crook or hook.

As they enter the estates they discover the truth, The covelone estates was in the grips of merciless paranormal forces. Will Durga and the crew along withSasi and Reba manage to Escape out?


Release Date9th Dec 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Chinese
DistributorLotus Five Star
DirectorKarthik Vilvakrish
Main CastKalaiyarasan, Ashok Selvan, Sunaina
Supporting CastRamya Nambeesan, Daniel Anne Pope