Don’t Forget I Love You

Don’t Forget I Love You

Genre : Romance

Language : Mandarin

Year : 2022

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Music composer Yao (by Jasper Liu) is at the peak of his career when a brain tumour surgery leaves him with anterograde amnesia. As such, his memory ‘resets’ everyday, that he can only recall past information but not new events. Unable to perform the simplest day-to-day tasks on his own, Yao hits rock bottom until meeting his psychotherapist, Xingyue (by Na Zha).


Release Date14th Feb 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Chinese
DistributorMega Films Distributions
DirectorBarbara Wong
Main CastNa Zha, Jasper Liu
Supporting CastZhang XinYi, Edward Ma, Zhang Yang, Luo Ji