Din – The Day

Din - The Day

Genre : Action

Language : Bangladesh

Year : 2022

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International criminals smuggle drugs around the world using different means. In various ways, they use helpless people for drug trafficking. Helpless foreign workers from various countries including Bangladesh are victims of this. Their family members were taken hostage and forced to smuggle drugs. A Bangladeshi youth has been arrested while smuggling drugs at a Turkish airport.

With the guarantee of the cooperation of the Turkish government. AJ, the commander of the SWAT unit of the Bangladesh Police, has been given the responsibility to destroy the drug smuggling ring and rescue the victims.

AJ arrives in Afghanistan with the help of the Iranian government to arrest Abu Khalid. Afghan police officer Kavey is there to help them. AJ conducts operations in various remote areas of Afghanistan. The Iranian government assigns Reza an Iranian police officer to help AJ.


Release Date15th Sep 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Chinese
DistributorEmpire Film Solution Sdn Bhd
DirectorMorteza Atas Zamzam
Main CastAnanta Jalil, Borsha, Mohammad Reza Hedayati, Amir Hossein Sedigh, Suman Faruque, Pinar Tuncegil