Genre : Action, Crime

Language : English, Malay

Year : 2022

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Action, Crime

English, Malay


Singapore Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) has received an order to wiped out all illegal activities of the organized criminal group. During the mission, Four-faced Buddha’s second son (Shawn) were killed by an unknown and a kidney ready to be sell illegally was stolen as well. Four-faced Buddha is the most notorious human trafficker in the organized criminal group. As a member of the STAR, Vincent is assigned to extradite Fang back to Singapore.

Due to the hatred towards four-faced Buddha’s dehumanization, Vincent decided to join Singapore Special Investigation Division and annihilate him. In the meantime, Four-faced Buddha found Yusoff, who was once a STAR instructor hiding in Malaysia. Yusoff is the one who killed Shawn and stole the kidney. He was willing to take the risk on that year because his daughter, Aishah was born with kidney disease. Vincent and his team join forces to annihilate Four-faced Buddha organization. But, will this annihilation clear the root cause of evil?


Release Date15th Sep 2022
SubtitleBahasa Melayu, Chinese, English
DirectorKent Ng
Main CastFattah Amin, Dato Rosyam Nor
Supporting CastHenley Hil, Jack Neo, Edmund Tay, Vincent Ng