Genre : Action, Thriller

Language : English

Year : 2016

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Action, Thriller



After witnessing a horrific sight, two men inexplicably claim to be one another at New Year’s Eve parties…only the parties are six years apart.

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Release Date15th Oct 2016
DistributorAmmo Content, Artist View Entertainment, MTI Home Video
DirectorKipp Tribble, Derik Wingo
Main CastWilliam Baldwin, John James, Danny Trejo, Laura James, Janusz Chabior, Johnny Alonso, Patrick Barnitt, Howy Bratherton, Finlay Cormack, Sophie Coward
Supporting CastSusannah Devereux, Scott Hamm Duenas, Camila Escobar, Ta'sha Fuller, Natasha Killip, Moksha McPherrin, Alexander McPherson, Elisa Nixon