Cerita Kita

Cerita Kita

Genre : Romance, Drama

Language : Malay

Year : 2013

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Romance, Drama



Kamal works as a car washer, changed after getting advised by Ika, a girl who he secretly love. He lend money from loan shark without Ika’s knowledge to open a burger stall. His business went well and Ika feels happy for him. Kamal always try to win Ika’s heart, he’s willing to find her favorite stuffs. Ika feels comfortable being around Kamal but things changed after she met Malik. 

Kamal feels sad and hurt by Ika’s changes. Kamal advised Ika not to get close to Malik because he’s married. She thought that Kamal just making up story. Kamal keep advising her and now she’s confuse with her own feeling. One day, she followed Malik to his hometown. Then she realize4d that she really loves Kamal. Malik realized that Ika can’t forget about Kamal. Malik is willing to pull out and tell Ika to get back to Kamal.

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Release Date7th March 2013
DistributorMetrowealth Pictures Sdn. Bhd
DirectorMohd Pierre Andre
Main CastYana Samsudin, Pekin Ibrahim
Supporting CastFezrul Khan, Shima Anuar, Along Eyzendy, Khatijah Tan