Budak Krypto

Budak Krypto

Genre : Drama

Language : Malay

Year : 2022

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Putra manages a quick-money scheme that deals with gold investment. But it was an unsuccessful venture and he was hunted by his creditors. To add salt to his wounds, Putra`s fiance leaves him because he is not able to keep up with the promised amount of dowry, while his siblings shun him because they are embarrassed by his failures. He meets a woman named Mira, who introduces him to a digital currency called Crypto. With the support of his beloved mother and Mira, Putra finally succeeds.


Release Date11 November 2021
SubtitleEnglish, Bahasa Melayu
DistributorAstro First
DirectorDIN CJ
Main CastZam Azmi
Supporting CastNurul Hida, Fahrin Ahmad