Bas Terakhir Malam Raya [A]

Bas Terakhir Malam Raya

Genre : Adventure

Language : Malay

Year : 2023

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Kadir, Fuzi, Hamzah, Ghazali, Puad, Che Bob and Kadir eager to go back to their hometown to celebrate raya, but they have been kidnapped to a secret destination by an illegal ticket worm without them knowing. On the way, Kadir met a mysterious passenger, Melati who created chaos when the bus breakdown. They try to repair the bus so they can continue the journey. Next morning, they arrived at the secret destination which they all had sweet memories – Cahaya Mak Inaz’s Orphanage.


AvailabilityNow - 20 July 2023
SubtitleEnglish, Malay, Chinese
DistributorSilent Kaiju Studio
DirectorEric Fuzi, Irwan Rauf
Main CastJoey Daud, Syasya Rizal, Datuk Syafinaz