Alas Pati: Hutan Mati

Alas Pati: Hutan Mati

Genre : Horror, Thriller, Adventure

Language : Indonesia

Year : 2018

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Horror, Thriller, Adventure



Raya and her four friends go to a haunted forest to film a mysterious graveyard located there. But strange things begin to happen, including finding a row of dead bodies on a bamboo platform and one of her friends, Jessy, getting into a tragic accident. They decide to leave Jessy alone in the forest. However, even after they have left the forest, Raya and her friends continue to be terrorised.

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Release Date5th July 2018
DistributorMD Pictures
DirectorJose Poernomo
Main CastNikita Willy, Jeff Smith, Naomi Paulinda
Supporting CastRoy Sungkono, Stefhani Zamora Husen