Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah

Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah

Genre : Drama

Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Year : 2023

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Bahasa Indonesia


Seven years have passed, Aqilla just found out that her child, Baskara, is actually alive and being raised by Arif and Yumna, a couple who had only one hope: to have a child. Aqilla departed from her empty life in Europe to head to Solo City to embrace her new future. 

Will Aqilla be able to bring herself to take Baskara away, as he has been raised by Arif and Yumna for years? Indeed, Aqilla’s blood runs in Baskara’s veins, but there is also Yumna’s sweat and tears there. Who has more right to be Baskara’s mother?


Release Date12th Oct 2023
SubtitleEnglish, Malay, Chinese
DistributorAntenna Entertainment
DirectorKey Mangunsong
Main CastTiti Kamal, Fedi Nuril, Citra Kirana