Ada Hantu 2

Ada Hantu 2

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Language : Malay

Year : 2022

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Comedy, Horror



Five friends, Aliff, Bariah, Talha, Jimmy and Sasha return to the old bungalow that belonged to Bariah’s late grandmother and they’re on a mission to search for a Japanese ghost and a Kimono ghost who appeared in Bariah’s dream. The group encounter several chaotic incidents in the bungalow especially when they discover another mysterious door that is in the maid’s room. What happens next will leave you stunned…


Release Date15th September 2022
SubtitleBahasa Melayu, Chinese
DirectorHairul Azreen
Main CastHairul Azreen, Zahiril Adzim, Shiqin Kamal
Supporting CastNafiez Zaidi, Elvina Chua, Sophia Albarakbah, Fify Azmi, Henley Hii