7 Petala Cinta

7 Petala Cinta

Genre : Romance, Drama

Language : Malay

Year : 2012

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Romance, Drama



Hamka is a graduate from University Al-Azhar who is engaged to the daughter of his teacher, Saidatul Nafisah, before migrating to Yemen to further his studies. However, in actuality, Hamka just wants to finish writing the whole al-Quran by hand in order to present it as his future wedding gift. 

Not long after Hamka left for Yemen, a political conflict and a war between Yemen rulers break out, and soon, his family receives reports that Hamka is dead. Despite that, her fiancée, Nafisah continues to wait patiently for Hamka’s return, while Attar, a man who longs harbored feelings for Nafisah, begins to approach her. This is the story of one woman’s dedication and love to her man that withstands all obstacles.

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Release Date15th March 2012
DistributorMetrowealth Pictures Sdn. Bhd
DirectorAzhari Zain
Main CastAeril Zafrel, Shima Anuar
Supporting CastDiana Amir, Puteri Mardiana, Fizo Omar