6/45 : Lucky Lotto

6/45 : Lucky Lotto

Genre : Comedy

Language : Korean

Year : 2022

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Chun-woo, a sergeant about to discharge from military duty, comes across a winning lottery ticket by accident. Unfortunately, in his excitement, he ends up losing it at the Military Demarcation Line! Yong-ho, a North Korean soldier, finds the winning lottery ticket and discovers that the prize money is 5.7 billion won! The battle to get the 5.7 billion won unfolds!


Release Date24th August 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Malay, Chinese
DirectorPark Gyu-Tae
Main CastKo Kyoung-Pyo, Lee Yi-Kyung, Eum Mun-Suk, Kwak Dong-Yeon, Kim Min-ho, Lee Soon-won, Go Kyung-pyo, Park Se-wan