Genre : Adventure

Language : Tamil

Year : 2022




The movie is described as a “superpower & mysterious movie”. The story revolves around a middle-aged man and the mysterious happenings in him. Venkat Prabu is an irresponsible son of a middle class family who grown up with some conflicts. He alienates himself from his father who is viewed as an ungenerous person that betrayed his mother by committing in a second marriage. However, he feels lucky for having a humble and loving person as a mother who willingly shares her life with her own sister. Besides, the story reveals a unique and amazing relationship between Venkat Prabu and his step brother, Kabilan. From his best friend, Michael’s influences, Venkat Prabu realises his love feelings on Shalini that failed once during their teenage time. Domination of love feelings in Venkat Prabu leads to an extreme frustration. During this frustration moment, Venkat Prabu accidentally apprehends the mysterious power that inverts his whole life. He aims to chase the wealth and love by utilising his power. Policemen and the gangsters are in the mission of tracking down the mystery that haunting everyone. What happens then? What’s the reason behind these mysteries? And who are all behind it? Are to be watched on big screen



Release Date24th Mar 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Malay
Main CastJasmin Michael , Kishok
Supporting CastJee kutty, Coco Nantha , Veerasingam, K. Gunasekaran