The Sacred Riana 2 : Bloody Mary

The Sacred Riana 2 : Bloody Mary

Genre : Horror

Language : Indonesian

Year : 2022

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Riana goes to the Elodia school`s dormitory in the hopes of finding her missing Riani doll. The female students there often perform game rituals using mirrors, namely Bloody Mary. The game, originally just a way to scare new students, turns into a disaster when a spirit tries to harm the students. Riani doll is accused to be the mastermind behind this disaster. Riana is trapped in a dilemma between bringing back her doll, or finding answers to the various terrors that are happening there.


Release Date27th Oct 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Chinese
DistributorAntenna Entertainment
DirectorBilly Christian
Main CastThe Sacred Riana, Brooklyn Alif Rea, Frisly Indigo