Talbis Iblis

Talbis Iblis

Genre : Horror

Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Year : 2022

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Bahasa Indonesia


In order to protect their family’s name from being scarred, HAJAR, who is pregnant out of wedlock, is being forced by her mother to have the baby far away from Kuala Lumpur. After several tries of aborting the child, her baby is still alive, but now with a cleft lip, which only caused Hajar to further despise her unborn child. 

Hajar and her husband, ARSHAD, meet a midwife, MAK JU, who specializes in providing the best care before and after childbirth to fulfil her family’s request. After spending a few days under her care, Hajar finds in Mak Ju the mother she never had – someone loving and motherly. Eventually, Hajar begins to feel love for her baby, inspired by the motherly love Mak Ju had shown to Hajar herself. But unbeknownst to Hajar, Mak Ju’s ill intentions would soon come to harm Hajar and her precious child.


Release Date20th Oct 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Malay
DistributorAstro Shaw
DirectorKabir Bhatia
Main CastAzira Shafinaz, Nasha Aziz, Zul Ariffin, Amir Nafis, Jay Iswazir
Supporting CastZaftfarrel Mikhael Felton, Sherie Merlis, Izzy Reef, Daniella Sya, Putri Syahadah Nurjannah