Siapa Tutup Lampu

Siapa Tutup Lampu

Genre : Thriller

Language : Malay

Year : 2021

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Five university friends, Akmal, Arif, Aryana, Azie and Amir go for a vacation in Genting Highlands. On the way home, they were involved in the accident which killed Amir instantly. While waiting for a doctor at the morgue to identify Amir’s body, they are all locked inside. They experience strange disturbances. As they think it is Amir’s restless spirit, they realize how much wrongdoings they have done to Amir despite his kindness. What would become of their friendship after this?


Release Date25th Nov 2021
SubtitleEnglish, Bahasa Melayu
DirectorAliff Ihsan Rahman
Main CastUyaina Arshad
Supporting CastNaim Daniel, Azizul Ammar