Rumah Maduku Berhantu

Rumah Maduku Berhantu

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Language : Malay

Year : 2022

Comedy, Horror



Saufi, a successful property agent and part-time online religious speaker is a loyal and happy person living with his wife, Sofia, and daughter Lulu. The harmonious situation is changed when Saufi’s friend, Ali forces him to become a “Temporary Husband” and marries Alia, Ali’s wife who has been divorced with ‘Talak Tiga’. Saufi had to agree with Ali’s request. When Ali dies in a road accident, Saufi places Alia in an old bungalow which has a horror entity in the house until one horrible night.


Release Date2nd December 2021
SubtitleBahasa Melayu, English
DistributorAstro First
DirectorAbdul Razak Mohaideen
Main CastZizan Razak, Rita Rudaini
Supporting CastNadia Brian, Azlee Senario