Poochandi [Astro First]


Genre : Thriller, Horror

Language : Tamil

Year : 2022

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Thriller, Horror



Murugan is a thrill-seeking journalist working to compile a true paranormal story collection. He goes to Malaysia in search of ordinary folks with extraordinary stories of the paranormal kind. At first, everything seemed to be going fine upon his arrival to Malaysia, until he meets Shankar, who shares with him a spine-chilling encounter that happened to him and his friends.


Release Date5th June 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Malay
DistributorPoketplay Sdn. Bhd
DirectorJK Wicky
Main CastTinesh Sarathi Krishnan, Logan
Supporting CastHamsni Perumal, Rj Ramana, Ganessan Manohgaran, Ravi Shanker