Operasi UFO

Operasi UFO

Genre : Comedy

Language : Malay

Year : 2022

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Alien from Planet 9 promises humans on earth for eternal life by bringing them to a new planet. After hearing the news, Prof. Din, Dato Rozita, Madam Angpau and VJ plan to escape to Batu Pahat to find the landing site of the UFO Spaceship. They ran away after being abused and tortured by the evil home caretaker Ms Mawar. When they arrived at the destination, much to their surprise, there is no spaceship. Finally, Prof. Din reveals the truth.


Release Date5th Feb 2022
SubtitleEnglish, Bahasa Melayu
DistributorAstro First
DirectorKhairul Anuar Mat Nor
Main CastWan Hanafi Su, Sathiya
Supporting CastFauziah Nawi, Jasmin Hamid