Genre : Horror, Comedy

Language : Malay

Year : 2010

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Horror, Comedy



Ngangkung is a story about three best friends and their endeavors in getting the winning number for lottery. Troubles (and laughter) ensued as they tried their best to win the winning prize for the lottery.

Azim is a lorry driver who was facing financial problems, decided to see a witch doctor to end his financial woes. But things does not go smoothly, as his family discovered that his temperament has changed, and that many unexplained things has happened around the house.

Tasnim, a soon-to-be father promises his wife that he will not buy lottery tickets for the sake of his future child, broke his promise. As a result, his wife’s pregnancy suffered problems.

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Release Date25th November 2010
DistributorMetrowealth Pictures Sdn. Bhd
DirectorIsmail Bob Hasim
Main CastShaheizy Sam, Angah Raja Lawak, Delimawati, Echa, Azad Jazmin, Puteri Mardiana
Supporting CastRuzaidi Abdul Rahman, Hamdan Ramli, Yana Samsudin, Azlee Senario, Mazlan Senario, Eira Syazira, Kamarool Yusof, Lan Zailan