New Kung Fu Cult Master 2

Genre : Action

Language : Chinese

Year : 2022

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The masters of the Six Major Sects are trapped in Wan On Temple, each of whom was hit with the Ten Scents Poisonous Powder, and lost all martial power. Zhang Wuji (Raymond Lam) leads the Ming Sect masters and storms into Dadu to rescue the victims of the Six Major Sects. However, Master No-mercy refuses Wuji’s goodwill of saving her, and chooses to end her life with Xuanming Duo together.

King Ruyang sees that Zhao Min (Janice Man) never strikes a deadly blow on Wuji, he is convinced she has a crush on Wuji, so he takes away her authority, and hands it over to Cheng Kun, who seeks refuge in the Imperial Court. Min runs away in anger. As Wuji has promised Min to do three things for her, Min requests to take a look at the Dragon Saber, and is willing to travel with Wuji to Ice Fire Island thousands of miles away, with the company of Xiao Zhao (Yun Qianqian) and Zhiruo (Sabrina Qiu).


Release Date17th Feb 2022
SubtitleChinese, English
DistributorLotus Five Star
DirectorWong Jing and Keung Kwok Man
Main CastRaymond Lam, Janice Man
Supporting CastSabrina Qiu, Yun QianQian