Isteri Untuk Dijual

Isteri Untuk Dijual

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Language : Malay

Year : 2012

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Romance, Comedy



Bella is a part-time model who becomes famous after posing for the cover page of Reza’s latest magazine. At their first meeting, they fall in love at first sight with each other and eventually get married. However, their marriage life is definitely not a happy ever after, as they begin fighting and quarreling almost every single day. Reza ends up asking his friend Adi to seduce Bella so that she will leave him.

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Release Date10th May 2012
DistributorMangkin Pictures
DirectorEyra Rahman
Main CastKamal Adli, Nora Danish, Azwan Kombos
Supporting CastAbam Bocey, Sharisa Arif, Anam Azizan, Adriana Farisha, Fazreen Fazera