Anak Rimau The Movie [A]

Anak Rimau The Movie

Genre : Action, Drama

Language : Malay

Year : 2022

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Action, Drama



The fictional movie Anak Rimau depicts the turmoil of teenagers from various backgrounds who have dreams of playing football for the country. The absolute test of self-determination, self-confidence and pure perseverance are measured through teamwork, family issues, life obstacles and the race to become the very best and to win the ASEAN Youth Football Invitation Cup.


Release Date1st Sep 2022
SubtitleBahasa Melayu, Chinese, English
DistributorKeeklr Films Sdn Bhd
DirectorAreel Abu Bakar
Main CastBeto Kusyairy, Idan Aedan, Ahmad Daniel Hakimi, Hanz Daniel Skelchy, Adam Corrie
Supporting CastTaiyuddin Bakar Megat Sharizal, Azhan Rani, Redzwan Adha, Wan Omar Daanyal, Joel Timothy Low, Mustaqim Bahadon Director: Areel Abu Bakar