Alamak Toyol

Alamak Toyol

Genre : Horror, Comedy

Language : Malay

Year : 2011

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Horror, Comedy



Pak Umar went to see a shaman to get a Toyol (goblin) so he could get rich faster. Since he can’t afford it, he took the cheapest one. At the same time, Fakhrul and Kudin is figuring out how to make money. They’ve been trying all kinds of robbing technique but failed. 

One day, Fakhrul and Kudin try to rob Pak Umar but he has nothing to give to them. Pak Umar gave the goblin to them. Unfortunately, that goblin doesn’t know how to steal so they need to teach the goblin how to rob. At the mean time, Farah who was been loyal working for Daniel found out that h’s been running an illegal business. One night, the goblin got into Farah’s house and this is how Farah, Fakhrul, and Kudin met. Fakhrul and Kudin helped Farah to uncover Daniel’s secret.

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Release Date3rd November 2011
DistributorMetrowealth Pictures Sdn. Bhd
DirectorIsmail Bob Hasim
Main CastAlong Cham, Hamid Ghurka, Afiq Izzudin
Supporting CastYusof B. Mohd Kassim, Angah Raja Lawak, Adeline Tsen, Tyzo Tuah