KRU Media Sdn Bhd (KRU) is a digital media company providing a total solution for advertising, branded content production, influencer marketing, public relations, and event management.

KRU is the publisher of Boom!, an entertainment news portal with content presented in video, audio, and textual formats on various digital platforms such as website, social media, and applications including Boom! Radio, an online radio channel available on Astro Radio’s streaming platform, Syok.

We envision playing an integral role in organisations’ media strategy by leveraging our media platform, celebrities and influencers cohesively to meet our client’s branding and communications objectives.

Our published rate card from 1st January to 31st December 2023 is as follows:

Notes :
1. Header Banner Ads are published on the top part of the website’s page and underneath the link to Boom! Radio banner ad.
2. Sidebar Banner Ads are published in between articles (for mobile) and beside articles (for other devices).
3. Publishing date and time commences at 12 noon on the 1st day of publishing of advertisement and ends at 12 noon at the end of the media booking schedule.
4. ROP (Run of Page) is the publishing of banner ads on the website based on the Scheduler’s discretion. “Top 10 Articles” are the most read pages while “All Other Articles” are other pages.

Notes :
1. Posting(s) will be published on Boom! social media accounts on the date and time requested by the Client.
2. Posting(s) can be published simultaneously or over a period of 1 week from the first social media feed.

Notes :
1. ROS (Run of Station) is Radio Ad placed in between broadcast throughout the week commencing 7am every Monday.
2. Mid-Roll Ad on YouTube shall be embedded in the Audio Clip Content (Sound Bite) and shall remain on YouTube until the platform is longer in service.

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